Tie up a pretty sports ribbon to strengthen team spirit

Sports ribbon is generally used for reflecting the performance, and placement, of participants in a match. Various colors of ribbon represent the order in which the individual is placed.

Sports such as soccer, give chance to all girls of any age to be a part of team and know more about teamwork, dedication as well as physical sports. Wearing team uniform largely gives a sense of team spirit, a feeling like being a part of team. Making nice and attractive team hair ribbons helps in keeping up the sense of unity among the team members and team supports as well.


Tying team ribbons also make the girls look cuter and also helps to keep their hair out of their eyes.

You have to buy bobbins of ribbon of the school or team uniform color. You, also, have to buy elastic hair ties of the same color as the ribbon. Attach the ribbons to the hair ties. After attaching, you have to trim the ribbon in long pieces measuring 24 inches. Each piece of the ribbon will be cut for each girl of the team. You have to stretch the ribbon along the hair tie. You have to hold individual ends of the ribbon in order to make the hair tie fall in the center of the ribbon. After doing this, you have to tie the sports ribbon in a knot so that it stays in place. The knot of the ribbon should be on top of the ponytail.

Printed elastic ribbons also make pretty sports hair bands. There are custom elastic ribbons too. Buyers can get both single face and double face printed ribbons with attached elastic. Elastic ribbons are great for using in crafts as well. Some of the varieties of such ribbons are Fold Over Elastic, Frosted Elastic, Glitter Elastic Headband, Double Ruffle Elastic, Skinny Elastic, Glitter Elastic, Petite Lace by the Yard and Fold Over Elastic Printed.


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