what gymnasts look for in their props!

As a gymnast the biggest problem that I always face is finding the right props that will enhance my performance. I have come across stores that sell poor quality props and charge quite a high amount of money for it. So I thought of penning down as to what we gymnasts look for in our props so that the stores keep the right things that will increase their sales as well as create a positive image amongst their clients.


  • The first thing that we look is for is the quality of the prop. When we are purchasing a prop we are looking for a long term investment, something that will be our friend in our performances. Suppose if I am buying Sports ribbon I want the ribbon to be made of a good quality material so that it does not tear or wear out after a period of usage. The same is applicable in case of Fold over elastic.

  • The next thing that we look for is color and vibrancy. The Holiday ribbonthat I am purchasing has to be bright and colorful so that it catches the attention of my viewers. Something that will make me stand out.

  • Finally what I look for is a great customer care service so that before buying I can check out the different items and in case I face any difficulty the customer care department can see me through.

However before you go ahead and do any of these things you need to look out for online stores that deal in these items. Once you visit the site you can always browse through the different collections so that you can pick and choose the one that you like the most. These stores generally have the option where you can make the online payment so that they will deliver the items at the address provided. This is a great and convenient option as one can give the address where you would like the items to be delivered and the store will do the rest.

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and make the most of the different facilities available. The world of internet has refined the way we shop and buy things. Everything can be done at the click of a button. The last time I bought a ribbon I placed an online order. It was quite good and I still use it today, although there have been many instances when I shopped from a traditional store and was quite disappointed by the quality. I had to buy it simply because there was no better quality available. But the last few purchases have been online and I am quite satisfied. So once you keep the things that you need to consider (in mind) you will not be disappointed with the purchase. Nothing impresses a sportsperson more than the right pair of props.


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